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Transcript of Records now available in English!

Up until now, an overview of the Transcript of Records could only be downloaded in German from eCampus. For an official Transcript of Records in English, students therefore had to translate the courses individually by themselves, using translation aids and then inserting them into the English template. An English Transcript of Records facilitates international applications for internships abroad and is mandatory for international LL.M. applications.

From this winter term 2022/23 onwards, students have the opportunity to receive their Transcripts of Records, including all courses since summer term 2016, in English. The Transcript of Records is acquired via eCampus and is therefore accessible to all students (under “Overview of certificates (view/print)“). Students can select their degree programme and then choose between an overview of all credits (including their failed exams) or an advanced printout of the Transcript of Records (only passed exams) and more recently also between the German and English languages.