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Prof. Thielbörger presents IFHV research at University of Southampton

From 15-16 April 2024, the IFHV's Executive Director Prof. Dr. Pierre Thielbörger, together with other colleagues from RUB's law faculty, visited the law faculty of the University of Southampton (Soton).

He presented the research of the IFHV, including the clusters on "Human Rights and Humanitarian Protection", "Violent Disruptions and Forced Migration" as well as "Humanitarian Governance and Management". He explored possibilities for research cooperation between RUB and Soton; first joint research applications and publications are on the way.

The picture shows from left to right: Professor Peter Windel (RUB), Dean Professor Werner Scholtz (Soton), Professor Renate Schaub (RUB), IFHV Executive Director Pierre Thielbörger (RUB), Professor Iris Benohr (Southampton) and Professor Matteo Fornasier (RUB).